Blogging from the iPad

Blogging from the iPad

Some apps mentioned in this post that are for text nerds:

  • Drafts
  • Byword
  • iA Writer
  • Editorial
  • Workflow

I recently bought Fredrico Viticci’s Writing on the iPad: Text Automation with Editorial and have been using it to learn about text automation on the iPad. My iPad 2 is very old and slow, however this app still works just fine, and when I use markdown and my iPad 2 keyboard, it feels very fast. Perhaps I’ve found a nice use for my iPad 2 finally. Anyhow, back to the book, it’s really a lot of fun because I’m learning both iOS workflow automation and Python all at the same time. There’s no telling what can be done.

I’ve also been playing with Workflow, the new iOS automation app that hooks up various apps together.


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