CoreOS CEO: We’re not out to replace Docker, just its containers


There was a major shakeup in the world of container-based computing this week when operating system provider CoreOS decided to get into the container space with a new open source project called Rocket. It’s a container runtime environment as well as a set of specifications for how App Containers — what CoreOS calls its container images — are built and function. But the bigger news industry-wide was the suggestion from CoreOS that it built Rocket because developer darling Docker isn’t living up to expectations.

CoreOS Co-founder and CEO Alex Polvi came on the Structure Show podcast this week to clarify that message and to explain the rationale behind Rocket and everything CoreOS does. If you’re interested in the future of containers, distributed systems and even cloud computing, both business-wise and technologically, it’s a must-listen interview. Here are some highlights, but there’s a lot more good stuff.

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Is now a good time to switch to Apple’s iCloud Drive?


Long time Apple users may recall iDisk, an online file storage solution for Macs originally associated to your iTools account. It later became part of a .Mac subscription and finally was a feature of what was once MobileMe. Sadly, iDisk did not survive the transition from MobileMe to iCloud, and in June of 2012, it was no longer available.

With iCloud, Apple took more of an app-centric approach to data storage. Each app would use iCloud Data Storage to save documents and files online. Provided apps were purchased from either the iOS or Mac App Stores, they could ‘sync’ files across all of your devices. The problem was that the files were only accessible to the same app on each device. So as an example, the Byword document you created on your iPad could be opened only with Byword on your iPhone or Mac. This also left Windows…

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Film Rant: What’s Truly Unique About This Stormtrooper

Excited about this movie!

Friendly Neighborhood Filmmaking

This week JJ Abrams released the teaser trailer for Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens and just like every other fanboy I watched the video over and over, often pausing to pick out even the most minute details. My dissection of the trailer was handled with the same level of precision as a group of Spaceballs with a fine-tooth comb. I mean this is JJ Abrams we’re talking about here. The guy who made Lost. Do you know how many Easter Eggs he snuck into that series?

No continuity errors yet, sir! No continuity errors yet, sir!

Of course I wasn’t the only person with their eye on the trailer and it didn’t take long before people shared their discoveries and doubts to social media. It took no less than ten frames before some members of the Star Wars fan base had a collective head burst.

The scene I’m talking about is the one that…

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