Is now a good time to switch to Apple’s iCloud Drive?


Long time Apple users may recall iDisk, an online file storage solution for Macs originally associated to your iTools account. It later became part of a .Mac subscription and finally was a feature of what was once MobileMe. Sadly, iDisk did not survive the transition from MobileMe to iCloud, and in June of 2012, it was no longer available.

With iCloud, Apple took more of an app-centric approach to data storage. Each app would use iCloud Data Storage to save documents and files online. Provided apps were purchased from either the iOS or Mac App Stores, they could ‘sync’ files across all of your devices. The problem was that the files were only accessible to the same app on each device. So as an example, the Byword document you created on your iPad could be opened only with Byword on your iPhone or Mac. This also left Windows…

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